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Project description
Plugin for nopCommerce to generate a product feed for Google Shopping, derived from PromotionFeed.Froogle v1.48 plugin developed by the nopCommerce team.

Version v1.02 - Compatible with nopCommerce v3.20

General Features

  • New Schedule Task (Generate Google Shopping Advanced Feed).
  • (Option) Include all products or set per product.
  • (Option) Include product shipping weight.
  • (Option) Use product additional shipping charge for delivery estimate value.
  • Strip HTML characters from product description.

Simple products with a product grouped parent

  • (Option) Always use the parent product description.
  • (Option) Use the parent product description if the character length of the simple product description is equal to or less than a user entered value.

Product additional shipping charge option feature

  • Set country where additional shipping charge is applicable.
  • Set default for delivery method, service class or delivery speed.
  • If available use product 'delivery date' per product as delivery method, service class or delivery speed.


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